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If it's St Malo you arrive at... turn left... If it's Caen turn right... If it's Cherbourg You're there already... You'll be in the Manche! From the UK it's one of the most accessible regions of France with 3 ferry ports to choose from. And 3 airports too, at Deauville, Caen and Dinard. Not just that but once you're here there's a huge amount to see and do... The jewel in the Manche's crown is undoubtedly the citadel of Le Mont St Michel famous around the world...A world heritage site - rightly so. Apparently the Eiffel Tower is more popular but that's the only place in France that is! There are a few town names you might have heard of... towns definitely worth a visit.

St Lo - When you Google St Lo it seems to major on its strategic focus in the second world war . Fair play... sitting above the Valley of the River Vire as a communications centre it saw more action than most other towns around (maybe with the exception of Caen). But St Lo, battered and in the most part razed to the ground, is rebuilt - except a section of the Church of Notre-Dame symbolically the spire on the west side at the front of the building left as it after the shelling serving as a reminder of the futility of war; a town rejuvenated and ready to impress... and in spite of it's own attractions... The Haras National (St Lo is proud to be France's 'horse capital' • The Musée des Beaux-Arts, a striking Museum & Art Gallery - life and the arts from the middle ages to the modern day. St Lo is truly one of the best places from which to explore the department of the Manche.

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Granville: Founded by the Vikings (that's that NorseManDy thing going on again)... and in the hands of the Brits for 150 years Granville is often referred to to as the Monte Carlo of the North (there are casinos) It was Christian Dior's birthplace and his childhood home (with knobs on) is open as a museum, a homage to one... if not the most famous couturier in the world. That's one day out!

Normandy Beaches: It was a turning point in World War II. that the military leaders of the allied nations should choose to enter France through the 'back door' (Hitler was expecting an attack to the East, around Calais)... In the early morning of June 6th the Normandy Beaches became famous for being the bridgehead that spelt the 'beginning of the end' of the war. Memorials to the courage of the fallen can be found along the length of the beaches. Families, surviving comrades andfriends from around the world, of those who gave their lives form a core of visitors to the area... Gites, Chambres d'Hotes and B&B's are guaranteed a good turnover of guests.

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The Tour de France has passed through the department 21 times (but not all in the same year)...

Villedieu les Poeles... A town proud of its craft skills... Historically it's been pots, pans and bells in particular... If it's a copper pan in France of a certain age then there's a good chance it started its life here. The market here is legendary... Be there on a Tuesday - but don't eat before you come into town... stalls, cafés and restaurant vie for your attention.


Mortain... Marks the border where Manche meets Pays de la Loire and Brittany meets Normandy. A beautiful town sitting on a high hilltop with views across open countryside. (strategic for its role in WWII).

Gavray... A brilliant centre from which to explore the Cotentin peninsula being well placed and having modest attractions of its own... for those who love the countryside and coast.

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There are some great websites to help you know more about the Manche... give them a look!

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