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Ref #: AHIN-SeBu-0010

52,000€ Plus

Price: 52,000€ Plus
For Sale: New In!, House, Bungalow (Current)
Locality: Mortain
Ref #: AHIN-SeBu-0010

Properties are available • Archtect Designed • 8 Different Designs from 52,000€ to 92,000€ in 3 & 4 bedroomed versions

We're all familiar with the concept - you'll have seen all the TV shows...
And, If you've ever thought "I could do that"... because you're a practical type:
then you probably can!
"With a little help from your friends." And you can now choose any region of France as your goal!.

We've all maybe learnt by our mistakes when it comes to DIY... Well, we are here to
make sure that there aren't any - Reality Check! - Well, as few as possible anyway.

"But I don't know how to start".
Of course you do!...You're a 'hands on' practical type otherwise you wouldn't be reading this.
You've been considering building your own house... maybe even abroad too or you just might live in France already.
In a land where the systems, customs, methods and maybe the language aren't always
as familiar as you'd like them to be - we can help you to smooth out the hairpin bends and straighten out the lines of communication. Voila!

We're here to help get you started and to ensure a smooth finish too:-

You'll be needing some land... We can help you there!
You choose a design - that too - we can help... and, you're on your way...

Foundations laid.
To suit the design you've chosen...
The steel frame is delivered. Did you ever have a Meccano Set? Are you good with Lego?
The frame goes up - You add the cladding. Everything is numbered and planned out.
"Insulation Man" Arrives - You can call him 'Cosy' and he makes sure you are too - top to bottom.
And, just in case you're wondering - we can help with the Quantity Survey too.
What you'll need and when you need it...

Placo-Plaque - It's easier than you think. The inside track takes the guess-work out of plaster boarding.

No bare wires... You might almost call it Plug & Play... All supplied on looms.
So,you don't have to be a 'Sparks' to handle this. It's all about wiring looms... prepared to conform with your design. You just spec it out for each room or for anything special that you need to include.

It's a push over! Or rather Push Fit! Either way it makes the best use of modern and easy fit components and common sense
Of course, we make it all sound simple and, some folks know more than others, and so need less help... But it's good to know that you have a friend in the trade... And that's where we come in...

There are some fixed priced elements included in the charges which we will make but it will all be mapped out for you, and signed off before work or supply of goods and materials starts on your behalf; all fully understood. But there will also be other tasks which you may require our team to undertake... Not a problem!

Our associates have been building in France for 30 plus years and so they know the ropes (hardware, software - land purchase, planning permissions - materials, supply & fix). The advantage here is their familiarity with the 'lie of the land' - the protocols, the building control, materials supplies... the fast track to each crucial stage of the building process. Speaking personally, whilst I've been glazed over, confused by an unfamiliar display of plumbing fittings in a French DIY store... these guys have bought it had it delivered and installed it and are on to the next big thing!

We've all watched... Grand Designs and many of the other spin-off shows that launched, each one with a slight twist and - they flick from one building stage to another showing the results front and centre and often too little of the 'off camera' work that joins one major element to another and that's, once again, where the experts come in... Self Build with knobs on!...


Here's a little of the elements you may have questions about:- You've read the 'sizzle' stuff that's brought you this far - and I have to admit it does sound interesting... And you're bound to want to know more... Following is the process and the things you will be getting involved in...and the attendant costs. Dependent on your own abilities it may seem like a 'Pick & Mix situation... You may find it a little confusing at first and will undoubtedly read a few things twice or even three times. It's at this point that you'll have questions - drop us a note to register with your contact details and we will make that all important introduction to the folks at the 'sharp end' to continue your need to know more!

Prices are are as per the individual house prices within the brochure you can apply for at the end of the following 'On-Going costs' price guidance...

The house kit can be delivered to your site address (anywhere in France) in one go and will include everything required to make the property 'wind & watertight' - that's watertight and airtight.

Building permission with the local authorities and BBIO.
Our associates can do this for you or get someone local. Please note that the windows, French doors, or bay windows will be positioned to gain maximum sunlight within the house.

Foundations. You will get a detailed plan of what you must do:- You will need a digger. minimum 2.7Tons...a laser and 2 operatives, one on the digger and another on the laser. To dig the foundation 1 day and you will need about 6m3 of concrete which, on average, will cost you 1000€ delivered. You will need steel reinforcements (bars/meshes) in the concrete. This will work out at around a further 500€.

For the building of the house you will need a team of at least 2 people. The house will take between 7 and 15 days to build. You will need some professional tools. These can be rented from the company for 500€. We will give you the list of tools you need so you can check to see if you already have (and element then from the delivery).
The exterior of the house should be painted with exterior paint which again if you shop around is not very expensive. It just depends on what sort of finish you want.

Electricity. We can deliver in kit form which as complete and with a plug and play type fuse board. Very easy to install with very detailed plans and you are guaranteed to get your consuel at the finish, if of course, the build has an independent source. The cost of the kit is around 3,500€ delivered to your site or of course you do it yourself.

Plumbing. Made very easy now with P.E.R. (push fit)...No soldering needed. This can be purchased at DIY stores.

Hot water. We can supply a hot water system with heat exchange. You install it and a technician comes to put it online.
Central heating. We can supply a heat exchange central heating system air/air. Again, easy to install and the technician who does the hot water system will put online the heating at the same time.
The cost of these two systems is around 3,500€ and you will need to buy special cable for connection from the heat pump to the system. This will be around 300€.
The technician will make a charge of around 600€ to fill the 2 systems with the gas and to make sure everything is working. The central heating system is reversible and produces cold air in the summer.
These two systems will take you no more than 2 days to install. The technician comes at the end of the build when the electricity is functioning and will only take 3 hours to complete the work.

Insulation can be done by you, OR a company which we can arrange (charged to you) that comes in and sprays polyurethane foam from top to bottom. This costs around 9,000€ If you choose to do it yourself it will be a quarter of the cost by using Rockwool on the walls and ceiling and polyurethane boards (minimum 80mm) on the floor. On top of the polyurethane on the floor the cheapest and best way is to put down OSB 18mm and then parquet flooring which works out at under 10€/M². A little bit more expensive for the bathrooms.

This leaves just the plaster-boarding. If you shop around, you can get BA13 at 2€/M². You will need the steel mountings or the wood to make the frame.
After that it is the bathroom, toilet, and kitchen. Painting and decorating and connections.
On site help and video tutorials are available. Everything is well planned, and every piece has its number and the plan of where it goes.
Total cost delivered to your site, with white PVC double glazed openings with electric roller shutters and steel front door.

Like I said - It's at this point that you'll have questions - drop us a note to register with your contact details and we will make that all important introduction to the folks at the 'sharp end' to continue your need to know more!

So, allow us to introduce you to the company that can make your self build dreams a reality ANYWHERE in FRANCE!

Register your interest below to find out more...

Thanks - Chris Slade

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