Before we get started...and, of course - Welcome to our Normandy site... But, don't you sometimes wonder why 'about us' pages rarely tell you actually who you might be dealing with? is the two of us... Micki and Chris Slade... We were prompted to get involved in this business after buying our own place in Brittany in 1999 for only £12,000. At the time there was a loose, baggy and ad hoc system... Since buying our place we have been to-ing and fro-ing between Central Brittany & Southern Britain. Whilst, beginning in Brittany, we had begun doing OK... an agent from Normandy, who had business interests in Normandy, wondered if we could help him out in introducing UK buyers to his properties too... I said "only if we start a new website!" so that's exactly what we did.

The two of us met at art college in Worthing, in Sussex, in the late 1960s. Our joint career path, prior to marketing Brittany and Normandy property, was in both the creative, account handling and admin side of advertising and marketing... as good a grounding for what we do now as anything we could have dreamt up. It's all about selling the sizzle!

Need to talk about a House in Normandy? - 00 33 296 56 39 33 or 07770 07 21 58

Using Our Site - when you are searching for a house to buy: We are A House in Brittany and Normandy and that's probably what you are after and why you have arrived here. Our site is about houses in Brittany and Normandy. It's simple...You see something you like the look call us on 01903 202272 OR...make contact via the forms at the base of each property page... OR if you're interested in viewing or enquiring about more than one (of course you are)...then make up a a shortlist of properties as you browse - those that 'light your lamp' and click to send them with your contact details and we will get back to Robert est votre oncle! Voilá! We work closely with agents across the peninsula who are happy for us to display their wares... In the past our site has often been easier for browsers to find than the agent's own - I'm hoping that is still the case - otherwise we're doomed! Good Hunting! btw... you will pay no more for your property when you allow us to do the hard work for you... We receive a percentage of the agency fee but only when you have completed on your property and not before! 

Selling a Property: If  you own and are selling a property in Brittany or Normandy and you wish to display it on our site we must first place it with one of the registered agents we work with... Your house will then appear on our own site and that of the agent on the ground over there. There are NO charges for this - The purchaser pays the fees when buying and we (sometimes - but are working on making it always) receive a fee from the selling agent we have placed your property with.

After taking on Normandy and uploading a new site it didn't take long for other Normandy agents to see what we were up to - increasing the footfall. So they also began coming on board and, whilst we never intended to go BIG or national, we are happy that we also could have an appeal to those choosing Normandy for their new French home whether permanent or for holidays and/or rental.

And, a lot has changed over those 11 years... for a start many of the agencies with whom we first collaborated have gone by the board and disappeared in the intervening recessions. We've been fortunate to survive. Our new-look website is building slowly to host the remainder of the 1,000 properties which the original AHIB & AHIN site has carried and each site has become a collection that you will not find anywhere else, being a conduit also to a group of agents, our associates - all English speaking - who will guide you through the hairpin bends of buying a property in a country where French is not your first language, but where you can feel safe that those you will meet have all trodden the path before you, taking you from viewing to Compromis de Vente to Completion and beyond... Maison to Manoir...Ruin to Renovation... Petite to Palatial and, from "Ooh" and "Ahh" to "Ooh-la-lah!"

If there is anything you are unsure of - don't hesitate to give us a call (01903 202272) or drop us an enquiry e-mail

Good Hunting!