Another lovely house..Have a happy day, I'm going out of FaceBook now for a wander through your gone for a good while - send sandwiches... Margaret B

Our offer has been accepted!....Thank you so much for your excellent help. I very quickly learned that your site is by far the best reference point for house hunting from a chair! KS

Thank you very much. You are truly very, very good at what you do. The presentation is brilliant. It is difficult to know what more can be done to hook the right person to come and have a look. We keep our fingers crossed. Richard

Pretty simple really Richard... we just have to watch out for what David Cameron says next... See what the opposition thinks of it... It's effect on the exchange rate and then hoping the people know about Brittany being the best and cheapest escape route from all of the nonsense that goes on in the UK... Sell whatever you own on planet UK... move over and live on the change Thimple!

Good evening...We've enjoyed your website so much that we are coming to Brittany next week for a 'look-see' and to get a feel for Cotes d-Armor and the Mur de Bretagne area...Cheers. DG

You should have another section entitled 'Dreaming'...I look at your site whenever I feel like a boost as your comments never fail to make me smile. Thank you. JM...

Thought you'd like to know that we used another well-known "fixing" company to see properties with a couple of agents (how very dare you???) - the properties were nowhere near the locations advertised, one was already sold, and one, that I was told was sold, wasn't! Vive AHIB! C.B. (tsk!)

Micki, thank you for your help and organisation over recent weeks...our viewings were all as planned and very satisfactory...Your service is excellent and I'd be happy to recommend you to others. Stephen

Thanks for your prompt response to my e mail and enclosed info, I have been on the Generali website and I am going to arrange to use their call back service to obtain a quotation on health insurance. DH

This is just the kind of feedback we thrive on!!! and - in a market that is really picking up!!

A House in Brittany Ltd (and Normandy).... Sure it's about houses in NW France... but a whole lot more besides!