A Mortgage for Buying a Property in France?
we think a French Mortgage is the best answer! But, ask an Englishman working in French Finance!

Mortgage Interest rates in France are typically lower than those within the UK

The person Micki & I would trust our Mortgage with in France with (if we hadn't already bought our place for just £12,000!) is Martin Heathcote at France Home Finance.
..As his name suggests Martin is an Englishman who lives and works in finance in France. He's done so for long enough to know his way around the French Mortgage Market like 'le dos de sa main'... Actually his experience ensures that you'll have a loan tailored to suit your circumstances, your venture and... your 'adventure'

Speak to Martin on...
Tel/France: 00 33 (0)1 44 88 59 44

...Click here or below to visit the France Home Finance website... and  ...You'll find all the answers to the questions you're bound to have regarding funding the purchase of a house in Brittany or Normandy...Remind him that Chris Slade at A House in Brittany/Normandy put you in touch...and rest assured...

You'll be in very good hands... My own thoughts on financing a property is quite simple... I want to speak to someone who speaks my language about borrowing at a great rate and knows the market on both sides of the channel!

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mortgage and to apply for a decision in principal - without obligation...

French Home Finance