Mayenne mapHere is where I'm cheating just a little bit because, whilst we feature a few properties in the northern communes of this region it is not actually a part of Normandy but in the north of the Pays de la Loire. • If there are any agents in the area who would like to work with us drop us an e-mail and we'll talk and maybe we can increase the 'foot-fall' of those looking to see property from your area...

What better way to appreciate the beauty of the Mayenne than by riding a bike along the towpath of the Mayenne River? It runs for 60 miles/100 km, on the flat and with signposts to mark and measure the way between points of interest...chateaux, villages and watermills. Towns along the way include Mayenne, Laval, Château-Gontier, and Angers... The French are very keen on their Voies Vertes and there is a website to show you where you can join them and what you can expect to see... It's great... On your bike!

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Mayenne, Between Normandy and the Loire Valley, the Mayenne is a peaceful, rural area. Dairy farms and cider makers abound here. An area ideal for sightseeing, walking, riding, cycling and angling. The department (as opposed to the town which bears its name) enjoys undulating countryside and has many castles which indicates that it has had a past filled with turmoil and friction with its neighbours. That means there are plenty of fortifications to visit... Lassay, Laval, Sainte-Suzanne and Chateau Gontier will keep you busy for starters.

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Laval: Famous inhabitants... Top of the list is Henri Rousseau, born in Laval... you know the one - the Tiger in the Tropical Storm... There is a museum of his work in Laval. Well ahead of his time and quite the avant garde... He is often called Rousseau le Douanier, "the Customs Officer" because his last job before retirement was as just that... as one who chalked on bags...


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Gorron... A very tidy looking town... has a Leisure Park: Parc de Loisir de Colmont where you can let your hair down with paint-balling, golf, rafting, zip-wires, high level walkways. In mediaeval times if you wanted to get yourself noticed you would build a castle... These days it's a leisure park! Gorron is twinned with Hayling Island which coincidentally is where our UK escape committee (tunnelling division) meets every Sunday morning at 11am... Bring your own shovel

Landivy... Sounds like they have a thriving ex-pat community judging by the number of entries on local social networking sites and I can tell you they have a regular Zumba class here.

Chateau Gontier: A town on the Mayenne River with fairy tale castle and where the riverbank is dotted with restaurants. Market day is Sunday.